CS 1.6 Sound Triggers

“Sound Trigger” is a ambient sound played when a player comes in contact with the trigger box in some parts of the map .

For eg . Jet plane sound in de_train map.

It does not happen randomly, cannot be triggered continuously nor immediately.

Sound triggers can be used tactically like  fake rush or to know the place opponent is hiding.

Sound triggers depend on few things :

  • Delay : Time after which sound triggers are played  when player hits a triggerbox(trigger area), These are not played instantly
  • Wait: Time taken by a trigger to Reset and play again


  • Thunder Sound Trigger (Delay : none , Wait : 45 seconds)
1. Triggered on crossing the bridge ( at half way)
  2. While going up the stairs from the water to outside the bridge house on CT side


  • Location:At the big boxes to the left of CT spawn.
  • Type : Cow Mooing
  • Delay: 19 seconds
  • Wait: 2 minutes 11 seconds
  • Location:Bombsite B on the Balcony where the T’s come out
  • Type : Crow Sound
  • Delay: 6 seconds
  • Wait: 1 minutes 31 seconds
  • Location: In the yard straight ahead from T spawn, includes the ladder up to the left flank of the yard
  • Type : Crow Sound
  • Delay: 21 seconds
  • Wait: 1 minutes 20 seconds
  • Location: On the right hand side beside the big orange door texture
  • Type : Crow Sound
  • Delay: 8 seconds
  • Wait: 2 minutes 31 seconds
  • Location: On the bridge directly above T spawn.
  • Type : Crow Sound
  • Delay: 14 seconds
  • Wait: 1 minutes 33 seconds
  • Location: At the back entrance to the T tower-over the T bridge and in the door
  • Type : Crow Sound
  • Delay: 21 seconds
  • Wait: 2 minutes 20 seconds


  • Location: Main train yard .
  • Type : Jet Sound/Flying Airplane
  • Delay: 4 seconds
  • Wait: 3 minutes
  • Location: Alley way (straight ahead from T spawn),Crouching can prevent this trigger from being set off.
  • Type : Birds
  • Delay: 2 seconds
  • Wait: 1 minutes 30 seconds
  • Location: Under the pop-dog train in the main train yard (out bombsite)
  • Type : Dog Barking
  • Delay: 2 seconds
  • Wait: 3 minutes 20 seconds
  • Location: Under the pop-dog train in the train yard that is adjacent to CT spawn( In- bombsite)
  • Type : Dog Barking
  • Delay: 2 seconds
  • Wait: 3 minutes 20 seconds

Note: The Flies sound heard at Dumpsters near T spawn is heard by Player that triggers the sound and not by all the players on server. Thus it is not a Sound Trigger.

Avoiding Headshots

Getting Headshots everytime ?

Here is a simple trick that  helps you to avoid headshots around the corners.

This trick is really useful in Pistol round because you donot have head-armor with you and also against snipers.

  •  Duck around a corner such that only your left shoulder is visible .
  • Try to sit as close to the Corner/Wall as possible
  • The Enemy will not be able to see your Head

  • Make sure that you dont try this with your Right Shoulder because the Enemy will see your head first before you even see them.

(Enemy Cannot see your head)

AdminMod Commands

Command Description
admin_help <keyword or string | # > Displays information about available commands

admin_ban <target or WONID or IP> [<minutes>] Bans target. 0 minutes is a permanent ban.


admin_cancelvote Cancels the current hlds_ld vote


admin_cfg <config file> Executes config file on server.


admin_chat <msg> Shows message only to other admins.


admin_csay <msg> Shows message in center of screen.


admin_denymap <map> Removes all votes for map.


admin_disco Starts disco fever. Fun mode only.


admin_enableallweapons Allows all weapons to be purchased. Use to remove all active weapon restrictions.


admin_enableequipment Allows all equipment to be purchased. Use to remove all active equipment purchase restrictions.


admin_enablemenu <menu #> Remove restriction from specified menu.


admin_enableweapon <menu #> <weapon #> Remove restriction from specified weapon.


admin_execall <command> Force everyone to execute command.


admin_execclient <target> <command> Force target to execute command.


admin_execteam <team> <command> Force everyone on team to execute command.


admin_fraglimit <fraglimit> Sets the mp_fraglimit cvar.


admin_friendlyfire <on | off> Sets the mp_friendlyfire cvar.


admin_fun <“on” | “off”> Turns fun mode on or off.


admin_gag <target> [<minutes>] Gag target.  0 minutes is a permanent gag.


admin_glow <color | “off”> Causes you to glow that color.


admin_godmode <target> <“on” | “off”> Sets godmode on target.


admin_gravity <gravity> Sets the sv_gravity cvar.


admin_hostname <name> Sets the hostname cvar.


admin_kick <target> [<reason>] Kicks target.


admin_listmaps Shows maps in mapcycle.


admin_listspawn Lists all spawned entities.


admin_llama <target> Llama-fy target.


admin_map <map_name> Changes map.


admin_messagemode <command> Will treat ‘say’ as command.


admin_movespawn <identity> <X> <Y> <Z> <XAngle> <YAngle> <ZAngle> Moves a spawned item.


admin_nextmap Shows next map in cycle.


admin_noclip <target> <“on” | “off”> Sets noclip on target.


admin_nomessagemode Will treat ‘say’ as ‘say’.


admin_nopass Clears the server’s password.


admin_pass <password> Sets the server’s password.


admin_pause Sets the pausable cvar to 1.


admin_psay <target> <msg> Sends a private msg to target.


admin_rcon <cmd> Executes rcon command.


admin_reload Reloads Admin Mod files.


admin_removespawn <identity> Removes a spawned item.


admin_restrictallweapons Disallow purchase of all weapons on server


admin_restrictequipment Disallow purchase of all equipment on server


admin_restrictmenu <menu #> Disallow purchase of anything from specified menu


admin_restrictweapon <menu #> <weapon #> Disallow purchase of specified weapon


admin_say <msg> Shows a message from you as admin.


admin_servercfg <config file> Sets the config file as the server’s default.


admin_slap <target> Slaps target.


admin_slay <target> Slays target.


admin_slayteam <team> Slays everyone on team.


admin_spawn <class> <X> <Y> <Z> <XAngle> <YAngle> <ZAngle> Spawns a new item.


admin_ssay <msg> Shows a message from admin without identification.


admin_stack Will stack everyone on top of you.


admin_startvote Starts an hlds_ld vote.


admin_teamplay <teamplay> Sets the mp_teamplay cvar.


admin_teleport <target> <X> <Y> <Z> Teleports target to the given coordinates. See admin_userorigin.


admin_timeleft Shows the time left.


admin_timelimit <timelimit> Sets the mp_timelimit cvar. Value = minutes.


admin_tsay [color] <msg> Prints msg on lower right of screen.


admin_unban <WONID or IP> Unbans target.


admin_ungag <target> Ungag target.


admin_unllama <target> Unllama-fy target.


admin_unpause Sets the pausable cvar to 0.


admin_userlist [<name>] Shows a list of users.


admin_userorigin <target> Returns the X, Y, Z coordinates of target.


admin_vote_kick <target> Starts a vote to kick target.


admin_vote_map <map> Starts a vote to change the map.


admin_vsay <question> Presents question as a vote.


admin_ungag <target> Ungag target.


admin_unllama <target> Unllama-fy target.


admin_unpause Sets the pausable cvar to 0.


admin_userlist [<name>] Shows a list of users.


admin_userorigin <target> Returns the X, Y, Z coordinates of target.


admin_vote_kick <target> Starts a vote to kick target.


admin_vote_map <map> Starts a vote to change the map.


admin_vsay <question> Presents question as a vote.


say rockthevote Starts an hlds_ld vote.


say vote <map> Places a vote for the map.


say glow <color | “off”> Causes you to glow that color. Fun mode only.




CSDM Commands

List of commands for CSDM (Counter Strike Death Match)

Admin Commands
Command Description Plugin
Switches whether CSDM mode is on or off. csdm_main
csdm_reload Reloads the csdm.cfg config file. csdm_main
csdm_menu Shows the CSDM admin menu. csdm_main
edit_spawns Shows the spawn editing menu (for adding or changing map support). Map config files are stored in configs/csdm. spawn_editor
csdm_cache Developers – shows information about the CSDM runtime cache. csdm_main
csdm_ffa_enable, csdm_ffa_disable, csdm_ffa_ctrl Enable/Disable/Menu for FFA Mode. csdm_ffa

Client Commands
Command Description Plugin
csdm_menu Shows the CSDM admin menu. csdm_main
guns, /guns, menu, enablemenu, enable_menu Saying any of these re-enables the equip menu. csdm_equip

Editing csdm.cfg – Configuring CSDM

CSDM(Counter Strike Death Match) can be configured by editing csdm.cfg in “HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs” folder.

  • Open csdm.cfg with text editor (like Notepad)
  • Configure the variables as you like (See sample below)
  • If you change any setting then you must use csdm_reload command to refresh the CSDM (You can also restart server or change the map)
  • To Disable CSDM simple change

enabled = 0
  • Sample csdm.cfg
;CSDM Configuration File;
;;;;You must be running the Main plugin for this section;;;;
;Sets whether CSDM is enabled or not.
enabled = 1
;Sets whether or not players should be stripped of weapons on round start
; (excludes knife)
strip_weapons = 1
;Sets how long weapons should stay on the ground for after being dropped
;in seconds.  note that enabling this can create lots of lag for clients
; AND server.  0 is immediate, -1 is infinite.
weapons_stay = 0
;Sets the spawn mode.
; "none" - users spawn at normal map spawn points
; "preset" - csdm_spawn_preset.amxx required,
; uses predefined spawns in config files
; -- others may be supplied by 3rd party plugins
spawnmode = preset
;Sets whether the bomb is removed
remove_bomb = 1
;Sets the spawn waiting time
spawn_wait_time = 0.75
;;;;;You must be running the FFA plugin for this section;;;
;Set whether free for all mode is enabled by default
enabled = 0
;;;;You must be running the Misc plugin for this section;;;
;Map objectives are removed by their flags.
; a - as_ maps; b - buyzones are removed
; c - cs_ maps; d - de_ maps
remove_objectives = abcd
;Blocks people from using all buy commands
block_buy = 1
;Auto-refills ammo when it gets depleted
ammo_refill = 1
;Says a radio command to a player when they respawn
spawn_radio_msg = 0

;;;You must be running the ticketing plugin for this section;;;;;
;Is round ticketing enabled?
enabled = 0
;Number of times a team can have players respawn before they stop
; being able to respawn
tickets = 150

;;;;You must be running the protection plugin for this section;;;;;;
;Is spawn protection enabled?
enabled = 1
;Colors of glow shell, leave this in quotes
;The digits are R, G, B, A where A is the alpha transparency
; (as A gets higher, the glow shell is thicker)
colors = "0 255 0 200"
;Number of seconds someone is respawned for.
time = 2

;;;;;You must be running the equip plugin for these sections;;;;
;Equip Menu flags:
; p - primary; s - secondary
; a - armor; g - grenade; b - buy
menus = psa
;Autoitem flags:
; a - armor; h - helmet; g - grenades; d - defusekit (CTs only!)
; n - nightvision
autoitems = ah
;Grenade flags:
; f - flashbang; h - he grenade; s - smoke grenade
grenades = h
;Sets number of flashbangs given if; grenades are enabled
fnadesnum = 1

;;;;;;;WEAPON MENUS;;;;;;;;;
;Format for weapon menus is:
;shortname "Display Name" menupage
;Change the '1' to a '0' to block the weapon
;Removing or moving things ;  from the list will change the 
;order of the menus!
usp USP 1
glock18 Glock 1
deagle Deagle 1
p228 P228 1
elite Elite 1
fiveseven "Five Seven" 1
m4a1 M4A1 1
ak47 AK47 1
aug AUG 1
sg552 SG552 1
galil Galil 1
famas Famas 1
scout Scout 1
awp AWP 1
sg550 SG550 1
m249 M249 1
g3sg1 G3SG1 1
ump45 "UMP 45" 1
mp5navy "MP5 Navy" 1
m3 M3 1
xm1014 XM1014 1
tmp TMP 1
mac10 "Mac 10" 1
p90 P90 1
;List weapons here the bots can randomly have 
;The short name must match one in the list above
;;;;;You must be running the item mode plugin for this section;;;;
;Is item mode enabled?
enabled = 0
;If set to 1, players will drop a pack of goodies when they die.
drop_packs = 1
;Sets the number of armor given by a battery. Default is 15.
battery = 15
;Sets the number of health given by a medkit. Default is 15.
medkit = 15
;Sets the time to wait for an item to reappear on its place.
; Default is 20 (0 = permanent)
item_time = 20
;Sets how long packs stay on the ground. (Max is 30 seconds)
drop_time = 20
;Remove semicolons to restrict any of the following items
; or add the short weapon names of the weapons you want to restrict
; (m4a1, ak47, awp ...)

Installing Deathmatch on Counter Strike 1.6 server

Counter-Strike Deathmatch is an AMX Mod X plugin set that adds deathmatch style gameplay to Counter-Strike 1.6.



  • Randomized, preset spawning (you can add new spawn points)
  • Spawn protection (configurable by time and player rendering)
  • Interactive spawn editor
  • Support for giving bots random weapons
  • Configurable weapon menus
  • Blocking of round restarts
  • Deletion of old weapons (saves FPS!)
  • Weapons can be blocked
  • Grenades/armor are configurable
  • Team Deathmatch as well as FFA (Free-for-all Deathmatch)
  • “Item” mode similar to HLDM maps
  • Free and open source!
  • Large pieces are optimized in C++

Requirements :  AMX Mod X 1.8.0+ (See Installing Amx Mod X)

Installing CSDM (Counter Strike Death Match):

  • Download CSDM 2.1.2  from Here( [download id=”6″])

Note: Above setup may not work on non-steam or old setups .Download patched version here [download id=”7″]

  • Extract the file anywhere on your computer to get following folders.

  • Now copy the ‘addons’ folder and merge it with ‘HLDS/cstrike/addons’ folder (Donot Replace the existing ‘addons’ folder , If you cannot merge the folders then copy the contents of each sub-folder and paste in respective sub-folders)
  • Requires engine , cstrike modules . Enable them by editing HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\modules.ini (Make sure that there is no semi-colon in front of engine_amxx and cstrike_amxx, Check HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\modules  for names eg. cstrike_amxx.dll )
  • Open HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\plugins-csdm.ini file and enable/disable the plugins you want.
  • Configure CSDM by editing HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\csdm.cfg
  • Restart the Server if started.
  • If installation is successful you will see csdm menu on connecting. Type amx_plugins in console to see if csdm plugins are running.


Installing AdminMod with Installation Script

Admin Mod is a  add-on for the Half-Life multiplayer game server for administration of servers, most commonly used for the modifications Counter-Strike and Team Fortress.

This tutorial will help you install Adminmod on your servers.

  • Download AdminMod from here (.zip for windows and .tar.gz for linux)
  • Extract it anywhere to get AdminMod folder ( with following files)
  • Now run install_admin.vbs file in the Adminmod folder
  • Click OK to Continue.
  • The script will continue by looking at several registry keys to locate the installed games to which Admin Mod can be installed.(Automatically detect installations)
  • Click “Yes” if it detects your installation or Click “No” to manually enter path .
  • Specify a full path(after clicking “No”) to  hl.exe or cstrike.exe or hlds.exe for which you wish to install adminmod(Ex :  E:\HLDS\hlds.exe)
  • If you have multiple Half-life, Retail Counter-Strike, dedicated server, dod or other installations you will be asked which of them you wish to install to. Simply input the NUMBER (not the path or the folder name) for the one you wish to install to, then press OK.
  • Choose the Mod folder that corresponds to the Mod you wish to use Admin with and type in its number from the list on the left hand side( 1 for Counter Strike)
  • The installer now copies across the Admin Mod files to the correct folders in the Mod directoy. It changes the Mod liblist.gam file so that metamod will be loaded when the server starts . The installer also appends the line

exec addons/adminmod/config/adminmod.cfg

to the server.cfg and listenserver.cfg files if they are found. This ensures that the adminmod configuration           settings stored in the adminmod.cfg file are executed when either the dedicated server or listenserver is started.

  • After Installation is Complete go to HLDS\cstrike\addons\adminmod\config\plugin.ini and look for the line :
    # addons/adminmod/scripts/plugin_CS.  Delete the #  in front of the line .

AMX Mod X Commands

Amx commands are entered in console by player.

Type amx_help in console to see list of commands in-game.

You can also type amxmodmenu in console to select and execute commands without typing.

Admin Commands(Can only be executed by admin)

Admin Commands Description
amx_kick <name or #userid> [reason] Kicks a player from the server.
amx_ban <name or #userid> [reason] Bans a player from the server.
amx_addban <authid or ip> <minutes> [reason] Adds a ban to the server ban list.
amx_unban <authid or ip> Unbans a player from the server.
amx_slay <name or #userid> Slays a player.
amx_slap <name or #userid> [damage] Slaps a player for variable damage.
amx_leave <tag> [tag1] [tag2] Kick all players not wearing one of the tags.
amx_pause Pauses or unpauses the game.
amx_who Displays who is on the server.
amx_cvar <cvar> [value] Changes or displays a cvar value.
amx_map <mapname> Changes the map.
amx_cfg <filename> Executes a server side config file.
amx_rcon <rcon command> Executes a command on the server console.
amx_plugins Lists all loaded plugins.
amx_modules Lists all loaded modules.
Chat Commands Description
amx_say <message> Sends a message to all players in normal chat.
amx_chat <message> Sends a message to all players in normal chat.
amx_psay <name or #userid> message Sends a private message to a player.
amx_tsay <color> <message> Sends a left side HUD message to all players in various colors.
amx_csay <color> <message> Sends a center HUD message to all players in various colors.
Vote Commands Description
amx_votemap <map> [map] [map] [map] Starts voting.
amx_votekick <name or #userid> Starts a vote to kick a player.
amx_voteban <name or #userid> Starts a vote to ban a player.
amx_vote <question> <answer1> <answer2> Starts a custom poll.
amx_cancelvote Cancels the last poll in progress.
Stats Commands Description
/hp Displays information about the player that killed you.
/statsme Displays your stats.
/stats Displays other players stats.
/top15 Displays the top 15 players on the server.
/rank Displays your rank on the server.
Say Commands Description
nextmap Displays the next map in the maycycle.
timeleft Displays the time left on the map.
thetime Displays the current time.
Menu Commands Description
amxmodmenu Displays the main AMX Mod X menu.
amx_cvarmenu Displays the CVAR menu.
amx_mapmenu Displays the map change menu.
amx_votemapmenu Displays the map voting menu.
amx_kickmenu Displays the kick menu.
amx_banmenu Displays the ban menu.
amx_slapmenu Displays the slap/slay menu.
amx_teammenu Displays the team switch menu.
amx_clcmdmenu Displays the client commands menu.
amx_restmenu Displays the weapons restrictions menu.
amx_teleportmenu Displays the teleport menu.
amx_pausecfgmenu Pause/Unpause plungins with menu.
amx_statscfgmenu Displays stats configurations menu.


Installing Plugins on AMX ModX

  • Amx plugins are required to install various features on HLDS server.

If you have .sma source file for Plugin then you need to Compile it first. See- Compiling Amxx Plugins

Once you have got the .amxx file you can install the plugin on HLDS as follows:

  • Copy the plugin’s .amxx file in the “HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\plugins”folder
  • Now open “plugins.inifile in “HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs” folder with text editor (Like Notepad)
  • Add the plugin’s name to plugins.ini . For Example if you want to install csplugin.amxx add the following in new line in plugins.ini
  • csplugin.amxx
  • Restart the server(or change map)
  • Now go to HLDS console and type amx_plugins .If  plugin  is working correctly it will display “running” as its status

To Remove Plugins

  • Remove the entry from HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\plugins.ini by deleting it or adding a semi-colon in front of it to comment it out. eg
  • ;csplugin.amxx
  • Delete any related files.

Default Plugins

admin.amxx -Administration Base
admin_sql.amxx -Administration Base for SQL. Use only one base.
admincmd.amxx -Basic administration commands (such as kick/slap).
adminhelp.amxx -Help for admin commands.
adminslots.amxx -Slot reservation.
multilingual.amxx -Multi-Lingual client configuration.
menufront.amxx -Front-end for admin menus.
cmdmenu.amxx -Command menu for settings.
plmenu.amxx -Player menu commands (kick, ban, etc).
telemenu.amxx -Teleport Menu (fun module required).
mapsmenu.amxx -Maps menu (vote, changeleve, etc).
adminchat.amxx -Console-based chat commands.
antiflood.amxx -Prevents clients from flooding the say chat.
scrollmsg.amxx -Displays a scrolling message.
imessage.amxx -Displays a centered, timed information message.
adminvote.amxx -Voting commands.
nextmap.amxx -Displays next map in the mapcycle.
mapchooser.amxx -Allows players to vote for the next map.
timeleft.amxx -Displays time left on the current map.
pausecfg.amxx -Allows pausing/unpausing of plugins.
statscfg.amxx -Configuration of statistical plugins.