Compiling Plugins for AMX ModX

AMX Plugins are in two formats

  • with .amxx extension (Complete Compiled Plugin)(Required to install the Plugin)
  • with .sma extension(Source file)(Editable with text editor)

Source file (.sma) needs to be compiled before it can be used on the server.

Compiling on Windows

  • Copy  the .sma source file in HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\scripting.
  • Drag the .sma file onto “compile.exe”
  • The file gets compiled to .amxx in “compiled” folder(HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\scripting\compiled) with same name.
  • To Compile all source files in the scripting folder, Double click “compile.exe
  • When complete it will display “Compilation Done”

Compiling on Linux

  • Copy or move the .sma file into HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\scripting.
    Then change the directory in terminal to the scripting folder with:
  •  cd addons/amxmodx/scripting
  • Run the script by :
  •  sh


    chmod +x

    Once you have got .amxx compiled file you can Install the Plugins

Configuring AMX ModX

After installing AMX ModX you need to configure it by Editing amxx.cfg (AMX Mod X Configuration File)  in your HLDS  folder  (eg E:\HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\amxx.cfg)

  • Open amxx.cfg with text editor (like Notepad)
  • Modify the  options as needed. Do not Edit or delete lines unnecessarily.
  • Sample amxx.cfg  ( You can copy paste the following in your file)
// AMX Mod X Configuration File
echo Executing AMX Mod X Configuration File

// Default access for all non admin players
//This value defines access level for all the players that
// join your server
// Default value: "z" (non admin)
amx_default_access "z"

// Name of setinfo which should store a password on a client .
// Note: Always prefix the field with an underscore (aka: "_")
// (Example: setinfo _pw "password")
//User enters password with this value (as entered in users.ini)
// Default value: "_pw"
amx_password_field "_pw"

// Mode of logging to a server
// 0 - disable logging, players won't be checked (and access won't
// be set)
// 1 - normal mode which obey flags set in accounts
// 2 - kick all players not on list
// Default value: 1
amx_mode 1

// Show admins activity
// 0 - disabled -Executed commands will not shown
// 1 - show without admin name
// 2 - show with admin name
//It shows activities like map change,slap,slay with/without admin
// name as set
// Default value: 2
amx_show_activity 2

// Frequency in seconds and text of scrolling message
// Scrolling message displayed to all users on your server after set
// period of time eg. 600 seconds
// %hostname% displays the name of your server
// Default:"Welcome to %hostname% -- This server is using AMX Mod X" 600
// To remove message modify the line as amx_scrollmsg ""

amx_scrollmsg "Welcome to %hostname% " 600

// Center typed colored messages (last parameter is a color
// in RRRGGGBBB format)
//Displayed in the center
// Type \n to go to new line
// Default values: "Welcome to %hostname%" "000255100"
//                 "\n Visit" "000100255"
amx_imessage "Welcome to %hostname%" "000255100"
amx_imessage "\n Visit" "000100255"

// Frequency in seconds of colored messages set above
// Default value: 180
amx_freq_imessage 180

// Ban times for the main ban menu (amx_banmenu)
// Use 0 for permanent ban
// Default values: 0 5 10 15 30 45 60
amx_plmenu_bantimes 0 5 10 15 30 45 60

// Slap damage amounts for the main slap menu (amx_slapmenu)
// Slay is automaticall inserted as the first option
// Default values: 0 1 5
amx_plmenu_slapdmg 0 1 5

// Set in seconds how fast players can chat (chat-flood protection)
// Helps prevent chat messages spam by players
// Default value: 0.75
amx_flood_time 0.75

// Amount of slots to reserve.
// Number of slots to reserve for admins.
// Default value: 0
amx_reservation 0

// If you set this to 1, you can hide slots on your server.
// If server "full" of public slots and slots hidden, you must manually connect
// with connect console command
// Default value: 0
amx_hideslots 0

// Displaying of time remaining
// a - display white text on bottom
// b - use voice
// c - don't add "remaining" (only in voice)
// d - don't add "hours/minutes/seconds" (only in voice)
// e - show/speak if current time is less than this set in parameter
// Default value: "ab 1200" "ab 600" "ab 300" "ab 180" "ab 60" "bcde 11"
amx_time_display "ab 1200" "ab 600" "ab 300" "ab 180" "ab 60" "bcde 11"

// Announce "say thetime" and "say timeleft" with voice, set to 0 to disable.
// Reads the time for you.
// Default value: 1
amx_time_voice 1

// Minimum delay in seconds between two voting sessions
// Delay in consecutive amx_vote commands.
// Default value: 10
amx_vote_delay 10

// How long voting session goes on
// Time in seconds for voting to end
// Default value: 10
amx_vote_time 10

// Display who votes for what option, set to 0 to disable, 1 to enable.
// Display a message for what option a user has selected with name
// Default value: 1
amx_vote_answers 1

// Some ratios for voting success

// Default value: 0.40
// Ratio of players to total players required to kick
amx_votekick_ratio 0.40

// Default value: 0.40
amx_voteban_ratio 0.40

// Default value: 0.40
amx_votemap_ratio 0.40

// Default value: 0.02
amx_vote_ratio 0.02

// Max. time to which map can be extended
// In minutes
// Default value: 90
amx_extendmap_max 90

// Step for each extending
// In minutes
// Default value: 15
amx_extendmap_step 15

// If you set this to 0, clients cannot chose their language, instead they use
// whatever language the server is configured to use.
// Client can change amxx messages according to his language
// Default value: 1
amx_client_languages 1

// Plugin Debug mode
// 0 - No debugging (garbage line numbers)
// 1 - Plugins with "debug" option in plugins.ini are put into debug mode
// 2 - All plugins are put in debug mode
// Note - debug mode will affect JIT performance
// Default value: 1
amx_debug 1

// Plugin MultiLingual Debug
// To debug a language put its 2 letter code between quotes ("en", "de", etc)
// "" means disabled
// Default value: ""
amx_mldebug ""

// Beginning of Counter-Strike package specific configurations.

// Rank mode
// 0 - by nick
// 1 - by authid
// 2 - by ip
//How to display ranks of players
// Donot use 1 as it is only for Steam Players
// Default value: 1

csstats_rank 0

// Max size of the stats file
// Default value: 3500
csstats_maxsize 3500

// Whether or not to rank bots with csstats - set to 1 to rank bots, 0 otherwise.
// Default value: 0
csstats_rankbots 0

// Duration of HUD-statistics
// Default value: 12.0
amx_statsx_duration 12.0

// HUD-statistics display limit relative round freeze end
// Negative time will clear the HUD-statstics before the round freeze time has ended
// Default value: -2.0
amx_statsx_freeze -2.0

Manually Installing AMX Mod X

If you cannot install amx with “AMX Mod X Full Installer” automatically on your server or you want to setup new server with existing Amx settings and plugins ,Then you can install AMX Mod X with base amx files.(See below)

If you have a remote server(i.e not on your computer) than you can install AMX Mod X with this method through FTP.

AMX is a metamod plugin ,so you have to install metamod first.

Installing Metamod

  • Go to and download Metamod (Windows binary,Linux Binary or AMD 64 Binary)
  • Extract the files and copy them to your server. dll file must be placed in addons/metamod/dlls/ folder and plugins.ini in addons/metamod/ folder. (For Linux users, binaries will not end in “.dll”, they will usually end in “” or “” for AMD64 machines.)
  • Now open /addons/metamod/plugins.ini and add the following code at the bottom
win32   addons\amxmodx\dlls\amxmodx_mm.dll
  • For Linux
linux addons/amxmodx/dlls/
  • Save plugins.ini

Editing Liblist.gam

  • Next step is to edit liblist.gam.
  • Open cstrike/liblist.gam with text editor like notepad,notepad++ etc.
  • For Windows , Add the following line at the bottom
gamedll "addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll"
  • For Linux
gamedll_linux "addons/metamod/dlls/"

  • Save liblist.gam

Getting AMX Mod X Files

  • If you already have amx files then skip this step else  Download latest version of  “AMX Mod X Base” package  from here
  • Extract the base package to /addons/amxmodx/ folder
  • Also download the Counter-Strike Addon pack from the site and extract to the same place.
  • AMX Mod X should now be installed.
  • To see if  the  installation is complete  go to server console and type “meta list” . The display should be Amxmodx – RUN

Installing AMX ModX on Counter Strike 1.6 server

This tutorial will help you to install AMX Mod X on any Counter Strike 1.6 server.

  • Download latest version of  “AMX Mod X Full Installer”  from here
  • Run the downloaded exe file to start the installer (see below). Click “Next” to continue.

  • Select a location to install AMX ModX installer (Any folder).Click “Next” .

  • The installer will unpack files on destination folder and a New Setup Wizard will start automatically.Click “Next” to continue.

  • You will now have five different methods to install AMX Mod X

* Steam Dedicated Server – a server started from your Steam Dedicated Server menu
* Steam Listen Server – a listen server where client is the server
* Standalone Server – a local server not started from the steam menu (for example: E:\HLServer)
* Select mod directory – Manual installation selection
* FTP – For remote installations(your server can only be accessed through FTP)

If you dont have Steam or you want to set server for local gaming -Select “Select mod directory”

  • Now select ‘Counter Strike’ from drop down options and select cstrike folder as a location. Eg. select E:/HLDS/cstrike. Installer will copy all the files to your HLDS/cstrike.Click “Finish” to complete installation.

If an old AMX Mod X installation was already detected, you will be asked if you want to upgrade.

To see if  the  installation is complete  go to server console and type “meta list” . The display should be Amxmodx – RUN