Manually Installing AMX Mod X

If you cannot install amx with “AMX Mod X Full Installer” automatically on your server or you want to setup new server with existing Amx settings and plugins ,Then you can install AMX Mod X with base amx files.(See below)

If you have a remote server(i.e not on your computer) than you can install AMX Mod X with this method through FTP.

AMX is a metamod plugin ,so you have to install metamod first.

Installing Metamod

  • Go to and download Metamod (Windows binary,Linux Binary or AMD 64 Binary)
  • Extract the files and copy them to your server. dll file must be placed in addons/metamod/dlls/ folder and plugins.ini in addons/metamod/ folder. (For Linux users, binaries will not end in “.dll”, they will usually end in “” or “” for AMD64 machines.)
  • Now open /addons/metamod/plugins.ini and add the following code at the bottom
win32   addons\amxmodx\dlls\amxmodx_mm.dll
  • For Linux
linux addons/amxmodx/dlls/
  • Save plugins.ini

Editing Liblist.gam

  • Next step is to edit liblist.gam.
  • Open cstrike/liblist.gam with text editor like notepad,notepad++ etc.
  • For Windows , Add the following line at the bottom
gamedll "addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll"
  • For Linux
gamedll_linux "addons/metamod/dlls/"

  • Save liblist.gam

Getting AMX Mod X Files

  • If you already have amx files then skip this step else  Download latest version of  “AMX Mod X Base” package  from here
  • Extract the base package to /addons/amxmodx/ folder
  • Also download the Counter-Strike Addon pack from the site and extract to the same place.
  • AMX Mod X should now be installed.
  • To see if  the  installation is complete  go to server console and type “meta list” . The display should be Amxmodx – RUN

Installing AMX ModX on Counter Strike 1.6 server

This tutorial will help you to install AMX Mod X on any Counter Strike 1.6 server.

  • Download latest version of  “AMX Mod X Full Installer”  from here
  • Run the downloaded exe file to start the installer (see below). Click “Next” to continue.

  • Select a location to install AMX ModX installer (Any folder).Click “Next” .

  • The installer will unpack files on destination folder and a New Setup Wizard will start automatically.Click “Next” to continue.

  • You will now have five different methods to install AMX Mod X

* Steam Dedicated Server – a server started from your Steam Dedicated Server menu
* Steam Listen Server – a listen server where client is the server
* Standalone Server – a local server not started from the steam menu (for example: E:\HLServer)
* Select mod directory – Manual installation selection
* FTP – For remote installations(your server can only be accessed through FTP)

If you dont have Steam or you want to set server for local gaming -Select “Select mod directory”

  • Now select ‘Counter Strike’ from drop down options and select cstrike folder as a location. Eg. select E:/HLDS/cstrike. Installer will copy all the files to your HLDS/cstrike.Click “Finish” to complete installation.

If an old AMX Mod X installation was already detected, you will be asked if you want to upgrade.

To see if  the  installation is complete  go to server console and type “meta list” . The display should be Amxmodx – RUN