CS 1.6 Sound Triggers

“Sound Trigger” is a ambient sound played when a player comes in contact with the trigger box in some parts of the map .

For eg . Jet plane sound in de_train map.

It does not happen randomly, cannot be triggered continuously nor immediately.

Sound triggers can be used tactically like  fake rush or to know the place opponent is hiding.

Sound triggers depend on few things :

  • Delay : Time after which sound triggers are played  when player hits a triggerbox(trigger area), These are not played instantly
  • Wait: Time taken by a trigger to Reset and play again


  • Thunder Sound Trigger (Delay : none , Wait : 45 seconds)
1. Triggered on crossing the bridge ( at half way)
  2. While going up the stairs from the water to outside the bridge house on CT side


  • Location:At the big boxes to the left of CT spawn.
  • Type : Cow Mooing
  • Delay: 19 seconds
  • Wait: 2 minutes 11 seconds
  • Location:Bombsite B on the Balcony where the T’s come out
  • Type : Crow Sound
  • Delay: 6 seconds
  • Wait: 1 minutes 31 seconds
  • Location: In the yard straight ahead from T spawn, includes the ladder up to the left flank of the yard
  • Type : Crow Sound
  • Delay: 21 seconds
  • Wait: 1 minutes 20 seconds
  • Location: On the right hand side beside the big orange door texture
  • Type : Crow Sound
  • Delay: 8 seconds
  • Wait: 2 minutes 31 seconds
  • Location: On the bridge directly above T spawn.
  • Type : Crow Sound
  • Delay: 14 seconds
  • Wait: 1 minutes 33 seconds
  • Location: At the back entrance to the T tower-over the T bridge and in the door
  • Type : Crow Sound
  • Delay: 21 seconds
  • Wait: 2 minutes 20 seconds


  • Location: Main train yard .
  • Type : Jet Sound/Flying Airplane
  • Delay: 4 seconds
  • Wait: 3 minutes
  • Location: Alley way (straight ahead from T spawn),Crouching can prevent this trigger from being set off.
  • Type : Birds
  • Delay: 2 seconds
  • Wait: 1 minutes 30 seconds
  • Location: Under the pop-dog train in the main train yard (out bombsite)
  • Type : Dog Barking
  • Delay: 2 seconds
  • Wait: 3 minutes 20 seconds
  • Location: Under the pop-dog train in the train yard that is adjacent to CT spawn( In- bombsite)
  • Type : Dog Barking
  • Delay: 2 seconds
  • Wait: 3 minutes 20 seconds

Note: The Flies sound heard at Dumpsters near T spawn is heard by Player that triggers the sound and not by all the players on server. Thus it is not a Sound Trigger.

Avoiding Headshots

Getting Headshots everytime ?

Here is a simple trick that  helps you to avoid headshots around the corners.

This trick is really useful in Pistol round because you donot have head-armor with you and also against snipers.

  •  Duck around a corner such that only your left shoulder is visible .
  • Try to sit as close to the Corner/Wall as possible
  • The Enemy will not be able to see your Head

  • Make sure that you dont try this with your Right Shoulder because the Enemy will see your head first before you even see them.

(Enemy Cannot see your head)