Increase download speed of files from Server

Whenever a player connects to a new server on the Internet he has to download various files like sounds,maps,models from the server, which takes too much time . Players disconnect from servers that take too much time for downloading files. You can set-up your server for faster downloads with this simple guide to HTTP download with sv_download url CVAR.If the server is not configured for HTTP download, the gameserver will use the normal slow download process.


  • Players download custom resources at their maximum download speed resulting in faster downloads.
  • Players who are downloading files do not take up player slot on the server.
  • Reduces lag from server by saving the bandwidth required for file downloads.

Configuring your server for Fast Downloads

  1. Make a list of all the custom files used in your server.(like .bsp,wav,mdl  genrally in cstrike/ fold er)
  2. Upload these files to a Web server keeping layout of files same as in cstrike/ folder . (for eg cstrike/maps/de_abc  remains <host address> /maps/de_abc)
  3. To display a “banner image” to players that are downloading files, place a 340×56 pixel image in the folder <host address>/gfx/banner.gif
  4. Open server.cfg file in cstrike folder and paste the following code

sv_downloadurl “http://<host address>/”
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1

The maximum length of the sv_downloadurl is 127 characters.

You can find many free web hosts on the net. If you have your own server or HLDS is on LAN then you can setup your HTTP server by installing Wamp or Xampp  and placing the files in www or htdocs folder respectively .

Make sure your IP is static.