CSDM Commands

List of commands for CSDM (Counter Strike Death Match)

Admin Commands
Command Description Plugin
Switches whether CSDM mode is on or off. csdm_main
csdm_reload Reloads the csdm.cfg config file. csdm_main
csdm_menu Shows the CSDM admin menu. csdm_main
edit_spawns Shows the spawn editing menu (for adding or changing map support). Map config files are stored in configs/csdm. spawn_editor
csdm_cache Developers – shows information about the CSDM runtime cache. csdm_main
csdm_ffa_enable, csdm_ffa_disable, csdm_ffa_ctrl Enable/Disable/Menu for FFA Mode. csdm_ffa

Client Commands
Command Description Plugin
csdm_menu Shows the CSDM admin menu. csdm_main
guns, /guns, menu, enablemenu, enable_menu Saying any of these re-enables the equip menu. csdm_equip