Installing AdminMod with Installation Script

Admin Mod is a  add-on for the Half-Life multiplayer game server for administration of servers, most commonly used for the modifications Counter-Strike and Team Fortress.

This tutorial will help you install Adminmod on your servers.

  • Download AdminMod from here (.zip for windows and .tar.gz for linux)
  • Extract it anywhere to get AdminMod folder ( with following files)
  • Now run install_admin.vbs file in the Adminmod folder
  • Click OK to Continue.
  • The script will continue by looking at several registry keys to locate the installed games to which Admin Mod can be installed.(Automatically detect installations)
  • Click “Yes” if it detects your installation or Click “No” to manually enter path .
  • Specify a full path(after clicking “No”) to  hl.exe or cstrike.exe or hlds.exe for which you wish to install adminmod(Ex :  E:\HLDS\hlds.exe)
  • If you have multiple Half-life, Retail Counter-Strike, dedicated server, dod or other installations you will be asked which of them you wish to install to. Simply input the NUMBER (not the path or the folder name) for the one you wish to install to, then press OK.
  • Choose the Mod folder that corresponds to the Mod you wish to use Admin with and type in its number from the list on the left hand side( 1 for Counter Strike)
  • The installer now copies across the Admin Mod files to the correct folders in the Mod directoy. It changes the Mod liblist.gam file so that metamod will be loaded when the server starts . The installer also appends the line

exec addons/adminmod/config/adminmod.cfg

to the server.cfg and listenserver.cfg files if they are found. This ensures that the adminmod configuration           settings stored in the adminmod.cfg file are executed when either the dedicated server or listenserver is started.

  • After Installation is Complete go to HLDS\cstrike\addons\adminmod\config\plugin.ini and look for the line :
    # addons/adminmod/scripts/plugin_CS.  Delete the #  in front of the line .