Installing Plugins on AMX ModX

  • Amx plugins are required to install various features on HLDS server.

If you have .sma source file for Plugin then you need to Compile it first. See- Compiling Amxx Plugins

Once you have got the .amxx file you can install the plugin on HLDS as follows:

  • Copy the plugin’s .amxx file in the “HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\plugins”folder
  • Now open “plugins.inifile in “HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs” folder with text editor (Like Notepad)
  • Add the plugin’s name to plugins.ini . For Example if you want to install csplugin.amxx add the following in new line in plugins.ini
  • csplugin.amxx
  • Restart the server(or change map)
  • Now go to HLDS console and type amx_plugins .If  plugin  is working correctly it will display “running” as its status

To Remove Plugins

  • Remove the entry from HLDS\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs\plugins.ini by deleting it or adding a semi-colon in front of it to comment it out. eg
  • ;csplugin.amxx
  • Delete any related files.

Default Plugins

admin.amxx -Administration Base
admin_sql.amxx -Administration Base for SQL. Use only one base.
admincmd.amxx -Basic administration commands (such as kick/slap).
adminhelp.amxx -Help for admin commands.
adminslots.amxx -Slot reservation.
multilingual.amxx -Multi-Lingual client configuration.
menufront.amxx -Front-end for admin menus.
cmdmenu.amxx -Command menu for settings.
plmenu.amxx -Player menu commands (kick, ban, etc).
telemenu.amxx -Teleport Menu (fun module required).
mapsmenu.amxx -Maps menu (vote, changeleve, etc).
adminchat.amxx -Console-based chat commands.
antiflood.amxx -Prevents clients from flooding the say chat.
scrollmsg.amxx -Displays a scrolling message.
imessage.amxx -Displays a centered, timed information message.
adminvote.amxx -Voting commands.
nextmap.amxx -Displays next map in the mapcycle.
mapchooser.amxx -Allows players to vote for the next map.
timeleft.amxx -Displays time left on the current map.
pausecfg.amxx -Allows pausing/unpausing of plugins.
statscfg.amxx -Configuration of statistical plugins.